Marry well

This week, My dear friend Noree got married.

Noree and David’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. Rich in sacredness and full of the vibrancy that is Noree’s mark on everything she touches. We prayed and sang and danced and laughed, and celebrated the beginning of their life together.

Then, six days later (last night), the beautiful Alessandra married her love, Jason.

Alessandra and Jason’s wedding was an all-out celebration. The wine, conversation, and laughter flowed freely and an eclectic group of family and friends sent them into their life as husband and wife. In the ten years I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her glow so brightly. Continue reading


Deck the halls

In the time since my last post, the Christmas season has come upon us. I usually love this time of year, but I’ve got to admit, I’m not feeling particularly Christmasy this year.  So, in an effort to get myself get mentally prepared for the holiday mayhem of the next few weeks, I have compiled a list of my favorite Christmas things, which I would like to share with you. Here it is:

  1. Amahl and the Night Visitors. This is my favorite Christmas album by far. It’s an opera, but don’t get all freaked out or reverse-stuck-up (i.e. “Ewwww, opera is for snobs”…Shut up.). Even if you don’t usually like this kind of music, it’s most definitely worth a listen.  It’s funny, poignant, and just incredibly beautiful. My favorite song is “Have You Seen a Child.” Look it up. Or just click on the album cover to be directed to to download it. Totally worth the $9.99. Continue reading

Sink into it

Sometimes, you just need a little melancholy in your life.

This has been a good Thanksgiving weekend so far. Yesterday, I spent the day with some dear friends, and felt thankful once again for the family I have here in Spokane.

See? There we are. They are wonderful. Continue reading

Find family, wherever you are

I’m going to tell you a story.

On March 28, 2010, I effectively became a single woman. It was the hardest, saddest day of my life. And that week, the Lord spoke to me with a clarity I have never experienced before or since. He said I was loved, that this decision was right and good, and that he would heal me more quickly than I could possibly imagine. He was leading me out of a life of shadows and into a lush garden; to new life, new relationships, new possibilities. Continue reading