This month has been insane. Cancer, travelling, major life decisions. It’s been a doozy, to say the least. Here are some small things I’ve done to cope:

Got a new haircut. Felt refreshed.

Ran on treadmills and on Centennial Trail. Exerted as much energy as possible, and sweated out a whole lot of anxiety and frustration. Continue reading


Cut loose

Hey, here’s an idea:

Go to a magazine release party celebrating your best friend, who is being honored as one of the top “20 Under 40” businesspeople to watch in your city.

 Marvel at how gorgeous she is, and think to yourself that you must be really smart, because WHO KNEW when you first met seven years ago that you were making such a valuable and influential connection! Pat yourself on the back for thinking ahead on this one. Way to go. Continue reading

Run more!

People! I have been RUNNING! Like, four times since my last blog post!

I’m easing myself in, by sticking with familiar territory (the gym) and working my way up to more intensity little by little (2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking, etc.).

Still. I am super jazzed.

This is cool because:

1. It is okay to start slowly, and I have proof! I found this helpful beginning runner’s training program online that makes me feel less like a wuss and gives me confidence that over time I’ll be able to do more.

2. My legs hurt! YAY! This means they are being worked in ways they haven’t been before. It means they are getting stronger. I’m also hoping this means that they will look better in my new cutoff shorts, thus making my plan to make peace with my thighs a little bit easier. Continue reading


Eva and I go to the gym at 5:30 every weekday morning.

Yes, we are awesome. Or crazy, according to certain friends of mine.

Anyway, this morning she suggested that rather than spending an hour indoors working out in close proximity to middle aged people in sweatbands and cutoff T-shirts (no joke), we might take a walk around her neighborhood instead.

I had a headache and didn’t really want to be in the stuffy gym anyway, so I jumped enthusiastically at the opportunity. Or, you know, grunted vaguely in agreement. I am not a morning person.

We grabbed the dog and set off at a casual stroll. Ah, the fresh air! The green grass! I was starting to wake up, and my headache was going down already. We picked up the pace a bit, and as my heart rate rose, a sudden fit of inspiration struck me.

“I’m going to try running for a bit,” I said. I took a large swig of water and took off at a moderate jog. Continue reading

Celebrate the small things

Today I made myself a beautiful and delicious breakfast.

Today I walked to Huckleberry’s and drank iced tea and watched all the happy couples stroll in and out with their organic goods and wrote in my new journal. And figured out a few things in the process.

Today I made myself sushi for lunch. It wasn’t half bad.

Continue reading

Get centered

(Riverfront Park today. Heavenly.)

Last night brought me to the end of another frantic week, and as I sat down to write a long overdue blog update, I found myself instead sinking into my couch cushions, feeling the gravitational pull of my body weight toward the floor and taking a deep, restful breath for the first time in what felt like weeks. It’s been nuts over here, folks, and your introverted, introspective blogger-friend has had very little time for self-reflection or self-care. After staring at the blank WordPress screen for a few minutes, with no idea how I was or what I was thinking or what I should write about, I shut the computer and decided it was time to do some things that are good for me, to get reconnected with my heart.

I went to the gym and felt my body work hard and well. My heart pumped, my legs and arms moved purposefully, my muscles contracted, my back stretched.

I came home and made some kick-ass guacamole. And ate a lot of it right then and there.

I opened my journal and wrote about dating, and what a weird, confusing, exciting, awkward, intimidating, empowering process it is. Continue reading

Get out

This morning I had planned to be at the gym at 7. But then I woke up at 8:30, and was like, “WHOOPS!”

So then I thought to myself, “What do you need to do before work this morning?”

And I replied, “Nothing!”

And then I asked myself, “Well, do you want to go to the gym now?”

And I said, “Nooooooo! All the good machines will be taken.”

So then I told myself, “I think some fresh air would do us some good. Let’s go for a walk.”

And I said “Okay.” Continue reading